• Jenn Francesconi
  • Jenn Francesconi
  • Advisor: Dr. John McGann
  • Focus Area: Modern Humans

    B.A. in Psychology, 2015 – Temple University
    M.S. Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience, Psychology, 2019 – Rutgers University


    Currently, I am running experiments in both rodent and human subjects. I am investigating sex differences in behavioral and neural responses to threat cues, (such as a predator odor, or a shock stimulus) in mice. And in human subjects I am investigating how threat cues, (such as predator and pathogen cues) can influence consumer behaviors.


    I am interested in how cues in our environment shape behavior, particularly decision-making. Specifically, the research question I am interested in is: Given the same information or cue, what leads to divergent behavioral responses between individuals?