Social networks in Fiji

CHES associate reports on a summer in Fiji

This past summer CHES associate, Matt Gervais continued his research as part of the Human Generosity Project. He worked in rural villages in Yasawa, Fiji for two months, conducting interviews on social support networks. Specifically, he conducted social network interviews, asking how do kin of different genealogical and spatial distance help one another buffer risks of different sorts, including asynchronous injuries and illnesses and larger-scale synchronous needs from droughts and cyclones?

 Yasawairara, Fiji, 2016: A research assistant sits with an elder villager in her family's kitchen, conducting an interview on social support networks. She is asking about help the woman has given and received for injuries, illnesses, droughts, and cyclones.


Yasawairara, Fiji, 2016: A group of men from different extended households cooperate to unload baked cassava and chickens from an earth oven prepared to feast a boatload of visiting tourists.


Yasawairara, Fiji, 2016: Following a seaside path at sundown, a villager carries a basket of fresh net-caught fish to another household as part of an extensive inter-household sharing network that helps to buffer risks for villagers living in rural outlying islands.