Hello from PECI 2016

CHES graduate affiliate Mareike Janiak checks in from the Primates Ecology and Conservation in Indonesia (PECI) field school. 

"Hello from Borneo! Sometimes you get lucky and a wild orangutan appears in front of you on the boardwalk!"


"I am spending my summer as a teaching assistant for the Rutgers Study Abroad program Primates, Ecology and Conservation in Indonesia. The first part of the course took place at a remote orangutan research station on Borneo, where the students were able to see the critically endangered orangutans in the wild. One male orangutan, Niko, often comes to the ground, offering prime picture opportunities!

After a few days in the gorgeous Bogor Botanic Gardens, our group now goes on to Ujung Kulon National Park where the last wild Javan rhinoceroses are found. We are looking forward to seeing more wild primates there and participating in a coral planting program!" -- July 29, 2016